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5-Valve Manifold
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SF5BU Schematic
  • 5-valve manifold for blow-down service
  • Valve assembly is process blowout proof
  • The packing controls both stem leakage and leakage between the manifold body and the valve.
  • Built-in zerk nut allows complete online flush-through relubrication
  • Over-torquing of valve handle in either direction is prevented
  • Ceramic ball (up to 8 times harder than 316SS) eliminates ball creasing and seat galling
  • Unit can withstand considerable mechanical and chemical abuse
  • Valve cannot be accidentally disassembled
  • Large (over 1/4") internal porting

The SF5BU is a 5-valve Unimount manifold with all flanged connections that accommodate 2-1/8" and 2-3/16" center to center transmitters. It is designed to bolt onto a 2" pipe. Installation simply requires the tightening of 2 U-bolts - no mounting bracket required.

The Unimount design allows the completion of all piping prior to installation of the transmitter. The built-in manifold mounting system permits easy removal of the transmitter without disturbing the process lines or mounting connections.

The SF5BU has 2 instrument vents at top supplied with 1/4" bleed valves and 2 drain/purge connections at bottom supplied with 1/4" plugs.

Max Ratings:
6000psi @ 220°F
1500psi @ 450°F
6000psi @ 700°F
1500psi @ 1000°F
316SS body and wetted parts
Also available:
Nickel plated C.S.
Exotic materials: Hastelloy C, Monel, Alloy 20, etc.
Consult Factory
Design Codes:
ANSI B31.1, B16.5, NACE MR-01-75 (special order)
Material Codes:
Barstock, A479 - 316, A276-316;  Cast, ASTM-A743 CF3M, ASTM-A-351 CF3M, A 276-316.
Assurance of Satisfaction: When properly installed, D/A guarantees the SAFTI-FOLD® series of instrument manifolds and hand valves to be free from defective workmanship and material under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of shipment.

Code  Safti-Fold, Unimount 5-valve manifold
SF5BU  Flanged (instrument) x Flanged (process)
| Code  Seal
| T  Teflon
| G  Grafoil
| | Code  Material
| | SS  Stainless Steel, 316
| | | Code  Options
| | | EH  3" Extended Handles
| | | F4  1/2" FNPT process connections
| | | ITV  Instrument Test Valve
| | | LOX  Degreased for Oxygen Service
| | | TFS  Teflon Face Seals
| | | |  
Model Number


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