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3-Valve Manifolds
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SF3TU Shown Here

SF3TU Schematic
  • Valve assembly is process blowout proof
  • The packing controls both stem leakage and leakage between the manifold body and the valve.
  • Built-in zerk nut allows complete online flush-through relubrication
  • Over-torquing of valve handle in either direction is prevented
  • Ceramic ball (up to 8 times harder than 316SS) eliminates ball creasing and seat galling
  • Unit can withstand considerable mechanical and chemical abuse
  • Valve cannot be accidentally disassembled
  • Large (over 1/4") internal porting

The SF3TU is a 3-valve Unimount manifold with flanged instrument connections that accommodate 2-1/8" and 2-3/16" center to center transmitters. Process connections are 1/2" NPT.

The SF3FU is a 3-valve Unimount manifold with all flanged connections that accommodate 2-1/8" and 2-3/16" center to center transmitters.

The Unimount is designed to bolt onto a 2" pipe. Installation simply requires the tightening of 2 U-bolts - no mounting bracket required. This allows the completion of all piping prior to installation of the transmitter. The built-in manifold mounting system permits easy removal of the transmitter without disturbing the process lines or mounting connections.

The SF3FU can be directly mounted to the meter run flanges with the MRM option, for a practical close coupling system.

Max Ratings:
6000psi @ 220°F
1500psi @ 450°F
6000psi @ 700°F
1500psi @ 1000°F
316SS body and wetted parts
Also available:
Nickel plated C.S.
Exotic materials: Hastelloy C, Monel, Alloy 20, etc.
Consult Factory
Design Codes:
ANSI B31.1, B16.5, NACE MR-01-75 (special order)
Material Codes:
Barstock, A479 - 316, A276-316;  Cast, ASTM-A743 CF3M, ASTM-A-351 CF3M, A 276-316.
Assurance of Satisfaction: When properly installed, D/A guarantees the SAFTI-FOLD® series of instrument manifolds and hand valves to be free from defective workmanship and material under normal use and service for a period of one year from the date of shipment.

Code  Safti-Fold, Unimount 3-valve manifold
SF3TU  Flanged (instrument) x 1/2" FNPT (process)
SF3FU  Flanged (instrument) x Flanged (process)
| Code  Seal
| T  Teflon
| G  Grafoil
| | Code  Material
| | SS  Stainless Steel, 316
| | | Code  Options
| | | SF3TU and SF3FU
| | | EH   3" Extended Handles
| | | ITV  Instrument test valves, 1/4" FNPT connections
| | | SH  Integral steam heating system
| | | SF3FU Only
| | | MRML  Meter Run mounting kit for liquid service
| | | MRMV  Meter Run mounting kit for vapor service
| | | RO  1/2" FNPT Rod-Out connections
| | | |  
Model Number


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